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New Behavioral Research Shapes Enrollment InnovationHSA Healthy Habits: HSA Spending vs. HSA Savings
The latest from our HSA Healthy Habits series—this new infographic, designed to be used with your employees, shows how out-of-pocket qualified medical expenses can be paid via HSA accounts while taking advantage of HSA tax savings. View Infographic.

An Outcomes-Based Approach to DC Plan DesignAn Outcomes-Based Approach to DC Plan Design
The fundamental outcome of a DC plan is to ultimately generate retirement income. Yet the vast majority of sponsors do not have awareness of the level of retirement readiness that their DC plans could provide. Now sponsors are beginning to think about how their retirement plans could be designed to target a percentage of an average earner’s final pay. Read More.


Jim MacDonaldDesigning DC Plans for Income Can Yield Better Outcomes
Jim MacDonald, president, Workplace Investing, provides a point of view on how designing DC plans for income can help to yield better outcomes. This is the first in a series of initiatives that demonstrate Fidelity's focus on seeking better outcomes. Read More.


Money Markets: Economic Uncertainty, Fed Insights, and New Treasury SupplyMoney Markets: Economic Uncertainty, Fed Insights, and New Treasury Supply
Concerns about the economy's health, insights into future Federal Reserve Board policy, and opportunities stemming from new Treasury supply influenced money market activity in February. Read More.

Short Duration: Rising-Rate ResilienceShort Duration: Rising-Rate Resilience
Demand for short-duration bonds has been strong, driven by a broad base of investors. Read More.



    Fidelity Wins Appeal on Float Income
    In mid-March, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion ("Tussey") that concluded that Fidelity's float practice was proper and in accordance with the law. The Eighth Circuit Court reversed an earlier Missouri federal court decision against Fidelity related to its float practice in use at the time. Read More.


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