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New infographic: 5-Step Retirement CheckupNew infographic: 5-Step Retirement Checkup
The year is winding down, but there's still time to remind your employees to take a look at their retirement savings programs and make changes if necessary. View Now.

Job-Hopping Millennials Losing Out on Employer MatchJob-Hopping Millennials Losing Out on Employer Match
As young workers move from job to job, many are leaving retirement savings behind, a move that could make it difficult to reach necessary savings goals. Read More.



Charles BermanOn-the-Go: Mobile Apps Redefine How Employees Tap Their Workplace Benefits
Charles Berman, Senior Vice President, Digital Platforms, offers perspective on mobile strategy within workplace benefits. Read More.



Jurrien Timmer Strategist Commentary: What Does the Market’s Recent Volatility Mean for Investors?Jurrien Timmer Strategist Commentary: What Does the Market’s Recent Volatility Mean for Investors?
The active vs. passive debate is not a simple "either/or" proposition, and which strategy is in favor during any given period hinges in part on the prevailing market conditions of the time. Read More.

November Business Cycle UpdateNovember Business Cycle Update
Outside the U.S., data releases have been generally disappointing in recent weeks, and recessionary risks, though still at moderate levels, have ticked up. The global economy continues to experience a lackluster pace of growth, though the probability of recession in the U.S. remains low. Read More.

Podcast Series: Practical Perspectives on Recent Market Volatility Podcast Series: Practical Perspectives on Recent Market Volatility
Fidelity Investments leaders Jurrien Timmer, Brian Hogan, and David Prothro discuss the factors driving a resurgence in financial market volatility during October 2014, and offer timeless insight for investors and advisors. Listen to the three-part podcast now:
Part 1: Jurrien Timmer
Part 2: Brian Hogan
Part 3: David Prothro



      IRS Guidance on 401(k) Distributions: Clearing Things Up
      In a recent notice, the IRS clearly stated that 401(k) distributions involving both pretax and after-tax monies can be treated separately to optimize tax-deferral and tax-planning opportunities for the workplace investor. Read More.

      Congress Pivots Right: What Plan Sponsors Should Look for in 2015
      With Congress firmly under the control of the Republicans, many experts think the next Congress may leave the gridlock behind and finally get back to work. Time will tell, but here's a quick review of some important topics to plan sponsors and workplace investors. Read More.


      Retirement Vision 2020