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Understanding Target Date Fund Glide PathsUnderstanding Target Date Fund Glide Paths
Many employers rely on target date funds (TDFs) as part of their workplace savings plans, but not all TDFs take the same approach to investing. Here’s a look at how two types of TDFs work, and why the difference is so important. Read More.

Empowering Women Participants to Take Control of Their RetirementEmpowering Women Participants to Take Control of Their Retirement
Women compose nearly 70% of the not-for-profit workforce, yet many employers treat women and men alike when it comes to offering financial guidance programs. Read More.



Mind the GapMind the Gap
Health care expenses can pose a stumbling block for a retirement-ready workforce. Here are five tips that can help employees get on the right track for retirement by paying attention to health care costs all year long. Read More.



Managing Fixed Income Is About More than Just Interest Rates
 Managing Fixed Income Is about More than Just Interest Rates
It is critical to understand and properly balance interest-rate and credit risk to meet the key objectives of fixed income within a broader portfolio: diversification, downside protection, and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Read More.

March Business Cycle Update             Currency Volatility: Economic Drivers and Asset Allocation PerspectivesMarch Business Cycle Update Currency Volatility: Economic Drivers and Asset Allocation Perspectives
The stronger dollar boosts U.S. consumer purchasing power and reinforces the low-inflation mid-cycle economic phase, providing a favorable outlook for U.S. equities and, in particular, more domestic-centric sectors. Read More.



    Fiduciary Debate Rolls Forward
    A new proposal regarding the definition of ERISA fiduciary has been sent to the Office of Management and Budget ("OMB") for additional regulatory review. The rule will be revealed in 2015, but its long-awaited release comes after a series of lengthy agency delays. Read More.

    Q&A on HSAs and the Recent Cadillac Tax Guidance
    On February 23, 2015, the IRS and Treasury issued the first piece of guidance on the excise tax known as the "Cadillac tax," which takes effect in 2018. This Q&A addresses some of the questions that Fidelity is hearing about the guidance and, specifically, about the potential impact on health savings accounts. Read More.


    Retirement Vision 2020