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Building a Stronger DC PlanBuilding a Stronger DC Plan
When building a house, having a framework to guide you is crucial to success. Building a defined contribution plan isn’t that different. Discover a framework to help you build a stronger plan in our new infographic. View Infographic.

Don’t Let Loans and Withdrawals Erode Retirement SavingsDon't Let Loans and Withdrawals Erode Retirement Savings
Fidelity recently analyzed loan and hardship withdrawal trends and their impact on retirement readiness. See what we learned. View Infographic.

Easy Ways to Offer Pre-Retirees Help with the Big 3 QuestionsEasy Ways to Offer Pre-Retirees Help with the Big 3 Questions
As your employees move from "thinking about" to "planning for" retirement, they'll face big decisions about Social Security, Medicare and retirement income. Now is a good time to remind them what's available on NetBenefits®. Learn More.



Ascent to Freedom: What drives your employees’ retirement decisions?Ascent to Freedom: What drives your employees' retirement decisions?
Join Jeanne Thompson in this Fidelity-sponsored SHRM webcast, as she shares recent research to help employers better understand this emerging workforce challenge. Register Now.



Target Date Performance UpdateTarget Date Performance Update
Brian Leite, head of Institutional Portfolio Management team, provides an overview of Fidelity's target date fund philosophy and latest performance. View now.

Fourth Quarter 2015 Quarterly Market Update (Executive Summary)Fourth Quarter 2015 Quarterly Market Update (Executive Summary)
Fidelity’s Asset Allocation Research Team (AART) examines major themes in global financial markets and presents its investment outlook in this market update for the fourth quarter of 2015. Learn More.



Jeanne Thompson on TwitterJeanne Thompson on Twitter
Jeanne Thompson specializes in workplace investing. Follow Jeanne for insights on financial wellness, retirement savings, planning, and women investors. Read More.

Doug Fisher on LinkedInDoug Fisher on LinkedIn
Doug Fisher specializes in employee benefits and policy. Follow Doug for insights on employee retirement, health benefit programs, and public policy. Read More.


    Fidelity Supports Best Interest Standard
    Fidelity filed its second comment letter on the Department of Labor’s proposed Fiduciary Rule, reiterating Fidelity’s support for the best interest standard.
    Learn More.

    Budget Deal Changes Pre-retirees’ Social Security Claiming Strategies
    The new two-year budget deal approved on Nov. 2 includes several benefit-related provisions, including the elimination of two Social Security claiming strategies. Download the full article to understand the impact to your pre-retirees.
    Learn More.


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